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2012年12月12日 12:12

New VN Project just started!
Please visit at our campaign site at Project Blue Sky at indiegogo!

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如月の宝玉・Candy Box・Shadow Division

◇ 動画(如月の宝玉)

◇ 概要

iPhone/iPod Touch用の同人ビジュアルノベルとして、Apple社のApp Storeで配信中です。
App Storeが開きます(完全版)
App Storeが開きます(lite版)

Candy box・Shdow division
iPhone/iPod Touch用の同人ビジュアルノベル短編として、Apple社のApp Storeで配信中です。

Shadow Division (App Storeが開きます)

Candy box (App Storeが開きます)
Candy box (MelonbooksDLが開きます)
(App StoreとMelonbooksDLの配信基準の違いに基づき、両者の演出を変えています)

◇ 連絡先


Visual Novel/ Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku, Candy box, Shadow Division

Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku (Gemma Februarii) is an e-novel for iPhone/ iPod Touch with more than 50 fascinating pictures supported by a dozen of music. The app is available at App Store.

If you just want to enjoy playing a video game, you may want to try other App.
But if you are a novel-lover, I am sure you could find how the marriage of text and pictures bring a story alive in this App. Please try and enjoy it!
Go to App Store (English full ver.)
Go to App Store (English lite ver.)

Candy Box and Shadow Division are available at App store.

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